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OIP Instrument Transformer
OIP Instrument Transformer

Gemini Instratech Ltd – India’s Powerhouse of Instrument Transformers and Switchgear

In the intricate web of the power industry, one name shines brightly as a beacon of innovation
and excellence: Gemini Instratech Ltd. Established in 1992, we have emerged as the largest
manufacturer and supplier of instrument transformers and switchgear in India, igniting the
path toward a future of reliable and efficient power distribution.

A Journey of Distinction: Gemini Instratech Ltd’s Genesis

Nearly three decades ago, Gemini Instratech Ltd embarked on a journey with a visionary
mission – to redefine the power distribution landscape. With an unwavering commitment to
quality, we have grown to become a powerhouse, revolutionising the industry with its cutting-
edge solutions and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.
At the heart of Gemini Instratech Ltd’s success lies its diverse and comprehensive product
portfolio, tailored to meet the needs of various applications within the power industry. Let’s
delve into the remarkable offerings that define our prominence:

OIP Insulated Instrument Transformers: Ranging from 12 kV to 145 kV Class, these oil-
impregnated paper-insulated transformers are engineered to excel in outdoor environments.
Their design ensures reliability and accuracy, even in the most challenging conditions. We
take immense pride in introducing Gemini’s range of OIP Insulated Instrument Transformers,
meticulously crafted for outdoor applications with an unwavering focus on total reliability.
Our OIP Current Transformers embody a design philosophy rooted in robustness. Weathering
extreme climatic conditions at Customer Sites, our OIP-insulated outdoor products
seamlessly integrate Quality and Reliability from inception.
Cyclo-aliphatic Resin Type Outdoor Instrument Transformers: Cyclo-aliphatic resin is well-
proven and the most adopted outdoor insulation worldwide, in a wide range of climatic
conditions. Our present range of products is available up to 36 kV system voltages. Cyclo-
Aliphatic Resin Cast Instrument Transformers are designed to international standards. Its
voltage ranges between 12 kV to 36 kV. Its Applicable Standards is IEC 60044-1 (2003); IS 2705
(1992). Type Designation CT ranging from GDC 12-1 to GDC 36-1.
Epoxy Resin Cast Instrument Transformers: Designed for indoor and outdoor applications,
these transformers, spanning from 3.6 kV to 36 kV Class, guarantee seamless and safe power
distribution. Their durability and precision make them essential components of modern

power systems. Well-engineered and maintenance-free, our products facilitate user-friendly
operations, from unpacking to day-to-day use.
LT Ring Type Current Transformers: Serving Power Transformers and Gas Insulated
Switchgear (GIS), these Low Tension transformers offer accurate current measurement,
ensuring the efficient operation of complex electrical systems.
OIP Insulated Condenser Bushings: A critical component in power transformers, these
bushings, available in classes ranging from 72.5 to 145 kV, exemplify reliability even in extreme
conditions. They form an essential link in the chain of efficient power transmission.
Components for Wind Energy Industry: Gemini Instratech Ltd extends its expertise to the
wind energy sector, manufacturing essential components like Pole Shoes, Grid Chokes, and
Aluminium Doors for generators. These components contribute to the reliable generation of
renewable energy.

Innovative Design: A Testament to Excellence

Gemini Instratech Ltd’s products are not just objects; they are engineered marvels, reflecting a
meticulous approach to design and functionality. Take, for instance, the OIP Insulated
Instrument Transformers. These outdoor transformers are more than robust; they are
designed to thrive in the face of nature’s challenges. Accurate hermetic sealing preserves the
integrity of the insulation, ensuring consistent performance over the years. The engineering
excellence extends to reducing the risk of internal failures, reinforcing the reliability of the

Mission and Vision: Navigating Towards Progress

Our mission is a resounding commitment to achieving excellence. With a focused
determination, Gemini Instratech Ltd aims to expand its footprint and offerings in the MV
Distribution and HV Transmission segments of the Electrical Power Industry, ultimately
achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction. A glimpse into our vision reveals its aspirations
of becoming a competitive, world-class hub for Instrument Transformers and Critical
Components of Power Transformers. This vision underscores the company’s commitment to
leading the charge in Medium Voltage and High Voltage Electrical Power Industry

Embracing Quality and Compliance

Gemini Instratech Ltd’s journey is built on a foundation of quality and compliance. Every
product manufactured and supplied adheres to rigorous local and international standards.
Our emphasis on innovation is balanced with a dedication to delivering customer-centric
solutions, making Gemini Instratech Ltd synonymous with reliability. We emphasize that our
commitment to quality is embedded within a comprehensive Quality Management System,
meticulously aligned with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Our paramount objective revolves
around attaining technical excellence in Design, Manufacture, and Services, all while ensuring
affordability, in order to impeccably cater to the explicit and implicit requirements of our
esteemed clientele.
Central to our endeavours is the unwavering pursuit of “Doing The Right Thing the First Time
and Every Time,” a principle that guides collective efforts toward achieving our Quality Goals
and Objectives. Compliance with the stipulations of our Quality Management System (QMS),
alongside statutory and regulatory mandates, Our Quality Management Systems are in
accordance with and are certified for ISO 9001: 2008, which forms the cornerstone of our
practices. Continual enhancements in Product Quality and QMS effectiveness stand as integral
commitments, reinforcing our dedication to offering nothing less than top-notch products.
Our company is actively pursuing ISO IMS (Integrated Management Systems) compliance as
part of our commitment to external safety audits and regulatory adherence.
As a NABL Accredited lab, our Testing lab ensures the highest level of precision in assessing
raw materials and processed components through thorough incoming inspections, executed
in alignment with pertinent quality plans.
Ensuring product excellence begins with the rigorous assessment of raw materials and
processed components through thorough incoming inspections, executed in alignment with
pertinent quality plans. Throughout the manufacturing journey, multiple in-process tests, as
prescribed by the quality plan, further affirm the precision of our production procedures.
Prior to dispatch, each product unit undergoes meticulous testing and a final inspection,
meticulously executed according to customer-defined requisites.
Our Instrument Transformers adhere to IEC standards in their design, manufacturing, and testing.
Our advanced Testing Setup comprises a range of state-of-the-art equipment, including the
Omicron CT Analyzer, Digital Accuracy Testing Bridge for CT and VT, Precision Standard CTs
and VTs, High Current Source, High Voltage PD Free Transformer (350 kV), Coupling Capacitor
(1000 pF, 350 kV), Standard Capacitor (100 kV, 37pF), Digital Partial Discharge Measuring System,
Automatic Capacitance and tandelta (δ) Measuring System, High-Frequency Voltage Generators

(150/300 Hz), Fluke-manufactured multimeters, and a Toroidal CRGO core testing setup. Through
rigorous testing, adherence to industry standards, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, we ensure
that every product bearing our name embodies the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Conclusion: Powering Tomorrow with Gemini Instratech Ltd

As India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of instrument transformers and switchgear, we
have etched our name in the annals of the power industry. With an impressive legacy of
innovation, a robust experience spanning decades, and an unwavering commitment to
excellence, we stand as a vanguard of change in power distribution. Armed with a visionary
mission and a dynamic vision, Gemini Instratech Ltd continues to shape the future of power
solutions, illuminating the path toward a more efficient and electrifying tomorrow.
As the energy landscape undergoes unprecedented transformation, Gemini Instratech Ltd
stands as a testament to how a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation can redefine
industries. With a spirit of invention as its guiding light and a commitment to excellence as its
foundation, we stand tall, not just as a manufacturer or supplier, but as a true pioneer in the
power revolution.

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